Michael L. Stockhill Photography



The ultimate landscape—the perfect postcard--was an early objective of Michael L. Stockhill’s photography. Whether or not that objective was achieved, the photographer’s vision and aspirations evolved with an unanticipated breakout, suddenly finding abstract compositions in the details of abandoned trucks and machinery, discovering—if you will—Mondrians on motor vehicles. Many images become less identifiable as photographs than as abstract paintings, where rust spots on an old travel trailer can become Trail of Tears, an ethereal triptych where the viewer may imagine the despair and grief of displaced or struggling populations. All images at this site are natural-light “found photographs,” mostly all are composed and cropped in the camera with little post-capture cropping. Many exposures were with a Mamiya digital camera, providing detail and sharpness effectively equivalent of 4x5 view cameras of the past. Images are available for purchase, of course. Many folios were recently expanded and added. Prices on request.

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Tears Abstract Morning